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Fireclay & High Alumina Ceramic Setting Mortars : -
Firecaly & high Alumina Castables : -
Insulating Castables : -
Low Cement Castables : -
Castables For Sponge Iron Kiln : -
Flow Control Monolithics : -
Refractory Bricks : -


Being a pioneer of refractories technology in India, TRL Krosaki continues its zeal to maintain technology leadership through extensive in-house Research & Development activities. Apart from operating a most modern Plant, TRL Krosaki boasts of a world standard Research & Development Laboratory, which has also been recognized by the Government of India. Equipped with state-of-the-art instrument and testing facilities, the R & D lab under the Company’s Technology Division enables TRL Krosaki to keep pace with the rapid advances made in process technology of consuming industry. TRL Krosaki’s Research & Development Laboratory has received the Certificate of Accreditation from National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories in accordance with the Standard ISO/IEO 17025:2005.

In order to create focused approach and to bring synergy with various functions, the Technology Division is organized into three groups i.e. Technology group, Testing group and a Core R&D group.

Technology Group : -

The technology group selects the Products required to fulfill a given order based on the Technical specifications. Process required for the manufacture of different products are also designed by the Technology Group and then transferred to the production division. The Technology Group assists in the production through Quality Control and Testing. They also bring continuous improvement in the product quality and process efficiency

Testing Group : -

The Testing Group tests the in-coming raw materials and inspects the final products

Core R & D Group : -

The core R & D group works for the development of new and improved cost effective products

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