Corporate Social Responsibility

Values : -

Meena Agency’s object is to excel in the business by professional approach adding value to the stakeholders’ stake with concern for environment, natural resources and energy conservation taking the society forward with upliftment of the standard of living of people contributing to the growth of the nation with various CSR activities.

Meena Agency is also concerned about the environment and conserving natural resources and energy. Some of the efforts in this respect are outlined below


Company has constructed a School building in the remote location of Gadhsisa which is a very backward place deprived of any facility for children to study.

Meena Agency has also constructed a school building in National High School, Jamnagar.

Company has also constructed a college building in "Sanghmata Shaishanik Sankul." At M P SHAH College - Jamnagar .

Construction of Religious Jain Upashryas at various places in Gujarat.

Company also undertakes programmes of free distribution of books to students and free distribution of grains to the poor class.

Meena Agency also participate in all social, cultural and religious functions organized in the vicinity of its plants by sponsoring the events and donating to the organizations, to organizing such programmes.

It has installed the windmills to further its concern for environment and energy conservation.

It also provides ambulance services to the people apart from its employees living in the vicinity of its units..