Company Mission

Ensure Safety & Environmental Sustainability: Safety is a key priority area for our current business. It will continue to be our priority for the new businesses as well. Using suitable processes, technology and work ethic will reinforce our concern for environment and the desire to conserve the natural resources.

Company Vision : -

The Company aims to expand its business across length and breadth of India With an intrinsic growth where quality in all respect is given emphasis.
It has been able to establish itself as a brand in calcined bauxite business. It is also an ISO Certified company today.

Venture into new businesses that will own a share of our future : -

By the year 2020 we expect to enter into at least one major new business that would have grown comparable in size to the core business. We also expect to continuously evaluate and expand the new businesses to compliment the cyclical nature of the refractory and Calcined Bauxite business.

Uphold the spirit and values of ours towards nation building : -

Even as the face of the new business may be fundamentally different from our existing core businesses what will bind them together will be the spirit and the values of ours. It is our belief that upholding these values will continue to be the reason for our enduring success and respectability.

Move from commodities to Brands : -

To beat the industry trend in a situation of over-supply we need to move away from selling commodities by converting them into Brands. Even as we will continue to leverage and take to greater heights the value of OUR brand, there will be efforts to create new images and associations for our services and products in current as well as new businesses.

Sustainable Growth : -

We wish grow but intend to temper our ambitions for growth with financial prudence to ensure a long-term sustainable future. While we will be willing to experiment and take the risk with new business models and ideas, we wish to fuel our growth ambition on conservative financials.

Enthused & Happy employees : -

A lot is dependent on the individual spirit and enthusiasm of the employees to realize our vision. We will accelerate our efforts to provide a work environment that will ensure a sense of happiness and personal growth for individual. We wish to see the smile on every face, every day.

Outsource Strategically : -

The non-core activities and the activities that could help us grow by leveraging our brand image without parting with sources of competitive advantage would be selectively outsourced